Why buy a magazine?
I know for a long time that there is a magazine called FamilyTreeMagazine – but why buy this when I have all of these interesting online sources for free?!

Anyway – I gave it a try …

Janaury 2010 was the first issue I got. I downloaded the digital copy as an pdf-file and navigated to the 74 pages of genealogy stuff.

I have a subscription of the german Computer Genealogie for 2 years now and wrote some articles on my own so far, but FamilyTreeMagazine is already a step ahead and more professional when I compare these both magazines.

Not every article is of my interest, but wich magazine could achieve this? The January issue has a lot of nice articles like:

  • Vintage advice
  • WebGuide to FamilySearch.org
  • 10 Best Web Tools
  • Tutorials
  • and more …

The complete magazine has a fresh style with nice old elements wich makes it nice looking and good to read. I really enjoyed my first issue …

I’am more the online guy and like to read my email, blogs and twitter news and spend a lot of time behind my desk! Anyway sometimes it is nice to hold a “old-school” paper in hands and relax on the couch and read … and so I think it is worth buying this magazine and got a year-subscription of FamilyTreeMagazine (Print) :)

Where to get it?

Buy FamilyTreeMagazine at www.shopfamilytree.com or browse theier contents and catalog at www.familytreemagazine.com!

Need more genealogy informations? You could listen to their free podcast at www.familytreemagazine.com/Info/Podcasts or read the Insider blog at blog.familytreemagazine.com/insider