What was your best Genealogy Moment during 2009?

Randy Seaver asked, Thomas MacEntee answered and now it is my time to tell you what was my best Genealogy Moment during 2009?

I think the best thing in 2009 was the story how I discovered the Olding relatives in Kentucky, USA.
It started when I researched all the Olding from the church-books of Liener, Lindern, Germany – I joined all the pieces together and used further sources to complete the search. The chronicle of Liener showed me that there where three brother who immigrated to the US around 1880 and the years after that …

Would be great to find them! I started a search with some other helpers and found some census records in Covington, Kentucky, USA and made a match. I found these emigrants …
After some additional research I found a findagrave.com site with pictures of headstones from the descendants of the emigrants. I made connection to the owner of this site – and, YES! I found Jack Olding – the cousin 3rd grade of my mother-in-law.
With Jack, I have found a really hugh bunch of Oldings in USA.

A really great adventure :)

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My regards to Jack and the rest of the Olding family in Kentucky!