Floris – A Nederlands Stamboom (EN)

In the beginning there was a hint from Edgar Much …
Edgar is another researcher who gave me several valueable hints to my netherlands relatives and this time he had an enormus hit!

Paul Tock– a researcher from Netherlands has an own homepage with the main family-trees of his and the family of his wife. And he had done really great work …
I don’t have an direct connection to Paul, but his wife is my cousine 7th grade, once moved.

Pauls research went also back to Hendirk Floris. Up-to-date I only had┬á 3 generations of descandants with 11 Floris individuals. Paul gave me the permission to use his research and I could enlarge my overview of netherland-relatives. Together with Pauls data did I have 606 Floris surnames in my database. – Many thanks Paul or this great work and support!

Stamboom Floris, Nederlands

And last but not least – Floris moved to the number one surname in my top10-list of surnames. Kracke has moved to number two with 507 individuals …

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