Go West! – Olding in America (EN)

A great journey to find new relatives!

In june 2009 did I get a couple of new informations on the Olding family from Liener/Lindern by searching in the Offizialat in Vechta. After joining all new facts with my data, did I got a focus on the emigrants from Liener. The sons of Theodor Anton Olding!

I started several searches on ancestry.com and some mailinglist. Many people helped me with their Ancestry accounts (the full account for US-files) and gave me hints how to find more informations about the emigrants.

After short term I find out that three sons emigrated to the United States of America.

Hermann and Johann Heinrich went to Kentucky, USA.
At this point many new facts came over me – census record, birth- marriage- death-records and passenger-lists. (Thanks to Markus Kroll, for about 200 MB of files and images!)

I started to include all the new facts in my family-file and did parallel searches in google, FamilySearch and other search-bases. With the help of Markus Kroll I found the finadagrave.com websites of Jack and Keith Olding. And from now things happend …

I got in contact with Jack and Keith – Christina is theier relative!
A great enlargement of the Olding family – welcome Jack, Keith and your families.

The Olding Family is still growing … :-D
Here is an album of all pictures, files and headstones!


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