Thomas MacEntee of started with a new meme – a nice idea and so I will participate with him and a couple of other geneabloggers too.

officeI’ve started a new meme today and I’m hoping the genealogy blogging community will pick it up since I feel the knowledge that it can impart and share with the community is important.

The meme: called What I Do and you basically list what you use in terms of technology to either run your genealogy business or pursue your family history as a hobby.

Why is this important?  Very often – especially if you work at home like me – we operate in a vacuum.  We have no idea what other people are using unless they mention it in an email or a blog post.  Or we have to ask for a recommendation.

So take a look.  Copy and use the list below if you want to participate at your blog.  Use the words “What I Do” in the post title and I’ll list it here:

  • Hardware: Apple PowerBook G4, 1,33 GHz, 160GB HD, Bluetooth, Firewire a.s.o.
  • External storage: 2x IceCube Firewire HD 3,5″ (120GB & 250GB), 1x iOmega 120GB 2,5″
  • Online storage: Dropbox Basic (with 2GB), my Webspace at
  • Backup: Weekly on iOmega (Major Stuff), Weekly on Dropbox (Really important Stuff), Monthly on IceCube 250GB the whole Hardrive
  • Virus protection: hey, wtf! I’am a Mac User!?
  • Printer: HP Deskjet – put hey who prints?
  • Phone, Mobile media, Music Player: iPhone 3GS & iPod shuffle
  • Car audio: Build-In Ford-Ka car audio
  • eBook Reader: iBooks (on iPhone) – but not really used
  • Browser: Safari & Firefox
  • Blog: WordPress (own installation)
  • RSS: GoogleReader and MobileRSS (on iPhone)
  • FTP: Transmit
  • Text editor: Text-Edit Mac OSX.4
  • Graphics: Adobe Photoshop Elements 4
  • Screen capture: Mac OS X.4
  • Social media: Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, MeinVZ
  • URL shortener:
  • Office suite: Office Mac X
  • E-mail: Mac OS X.4 – Mail
  • Calendar: Mac OS X.4 – Calendar
  • Accounting: Bank X
  • PDF generator: Mac OSX.4
  • Genealogy database: Reunion / TNG at my website
  • Genealogy tools: only Reunion
  • Other tech stuff: DreamWeaver (Website Editor), Things (a GTD Tool, Desktop & iPhone), LittleSecrets, Cocktail