Digital Genealogist – The End!

Several month ago I read about an online magazin called “Digital Genealogist” from the states. I took a first look to the website and got back there today.

I purchased the actual issue 07/08-2009 via PayPal and got my copy!
A really nice magazin – good balance between technology and genealogy. The acutal issues has topics from “Facebook genealogy: It’s not your grandkids’ social network”, “The iPhone—a computer in your pocket” to “iGenie: Harnessing the power of your Mac”.

I enjoyed reading it! But Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens, the managing editor of the magazine and owner of the company, decided to stop publishing the Digital Genealogist. I’am really sorry that I didn’t found my way to you earlier …

Digital Genealogist

Eine Antwort zu “Digital Genealogist – The End!”

  1. I was one of the columnists for Digital Genealogist and I too am sorry to see the magazine stop publishing. Elizabeth tried very hard to keep it afloat and I wanted to thank her and all the other writers for their efforts.

    I think that as genealogy becomes more popular as a hobby and as a profession – which it will since here in the United States our Baby Boomer generation (1945-1963) is just starting to retire and discover what fun genealogy can be – then perhaps we can see more technology-focused genealogy magazines like Digital Genealogist.

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