What a great story!
In June 2007 I started my first research on the branch of Erwin Nowak, my biological grandfather. I don’t know much about him, but I collected my first hints from my grandmother Hilde, the city of Delmenhorst and later his sister Gabi.

Erwin has two more children, wich are born in the US. Peter and Anna Novak. I want to find them …But this is not as much as easy as I thought. In total I searched about 3 years for Peter and Anna on the web, phone directories, wrote letters and so on (you could read the most of it in the Nowak-category in this blog)!

For about 4 week I got a reply on a blog-post about my people-search from Mari Ryan. Mari likes to find living realtives and offerd me her help to find them. YES, ofcause – please help me … :)

I gave her all the stuff I had on Erwin, Peter, Anna and her mother. After one week she had the first results on Anna – she found her first marriage, her son Scott and his facebook page and knows where they life now. Another week later she could tell me where she finds all these informations and gave me the hint to Scotts’ facebook page.

facebook – ok! I searched for Scotts’ page (no option to add him as a friend!) but I found a comment from a Pam Novak – she mentioned a Peter – aaargh! This must be the wife of Peter. I went to her page and added her as a friend and told her who I am and why I added her …
A day later she shared the first pictures from Peter and her wedding with me – too great. Today I’am already friends with Scott and Pamela but waiting for Anna to logon to facebook again :)

Tomorrow we will talk the first time on the phone together – can’t wait to talk to my lost part of the family …

How could I every thank you Mari – you’re so great! Thank You!